Who is the backbone of the Nation??


Who is the backbone of the Nation??
Who is the backbone of the Nation?? 

Backbone is the most important thing.
Without which a man is nothing.
Imagine him without it,
You will go half wit.

Similarly our country has a backbone to say.
But alas! It has gone astray,
To a place from where it can’t be retrieved.

Who is the backbone of the Nation??
It is new and young generations
Youth has many responsibilities.
Which have to be fulfilled by their abilities.
But it is heading in the wrong direction,
Because of its many objectives.

Youth wants everything, but without doing anything.
Dominos, Mc Donalds and malls are their rooms,
Because they don’t like their classrooms.
Politeness, respect and responsibility are words unheard,
By this youth.

They have made their lives very bussy and hectic,
Because laptops, I phones have made them so crazy.
India has the second largest population.
Distorting the nation.
The large population can do wonders,
But indian youth believe in committing blunders.
With their attitude,
Our country will nevert be called good.
They have to perform in a way,
Which can make our country stay.
They have to become responsible
Only then INDIA be incredible.

INDIAN will become great,

By making INDIA great.
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