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Born William Henry is an American entrepreneur who is one of the most richest and influential person in the world.
Bill Gates as a child was very curious, competitive and deep thinker. His parents decided to enrol him in the private preparation school. Gates looks excelled at Lakeside, where he made oriented himself to a wide variety of subject like Science, Math, English Literature and also becoming a good drama student. Bill Gates always surrounded by historical events from a young age. In 1969, Apollo 11 took men to the moon and this involved huge computers and which cost billions of dollars for research to operate and function. A computer during that time, was very genuine to have. This became Bill Gates first encounter toward a computer machine.

Bill Gates would spend hours at the computer room at the high-school and then met a man named Paul Allen who shared the same interests as Bill Gates. Bill Gates in 1973 graduated, Lakeside and by the University Of Harvard. Bill Gates during his years at Harvard University never gave a definite career plan, for some time he thought of pursuing career in law, but his real craze was staying up all the time with the computers. Bill Gates met Steve Ballmer whom would soon join Gates in his journey to start his own company which is Microsoft. This all started when Paul Allen(bill’s school mate) and Bill Gates moved in Boston Seattle for a job. Paul Allen picked up a magazine from Harvard Square which read "World's 1st minicomputer Kit To Rival Commercial Models" to Bill Gates and Paul Allen this was the moment they had been waiting for. The dawn of personal computer had begun. Bill Gates and Allen Paul soon took this task and this partnership with Ed Roberts who was a great American engineer and eventually led to the first product made by Microsoft the ALTAIR BASIC. "MICROSOFT" was created in 1976 and Altair BASIC was a programming language which was ran on the MITS Altair 8800 system. Bill Gates due to the success of Altair BASIC decided to drop out of Harvard University and never returned to complete his studies . MICROSOFT was located in Albuquerque from 1976 - 1979. In 1979 they relocated their location to Bellevue Washington in January 1, 1979.

Microsoft began specialized in languages such as Basic, Cobol, Fortan and Pascal. With this success stories Microsoft having hit the one million dollar profit margin in the market, and than the another computer creative company came knocking at their door and that company was IBM. The partnership between IBM and Microsoft developed was a central role which defined technologies to what it has become today. It established according had predicted that every home in America would have one computer per household. Bill Gates bought an operating system in which he renamed MS DOS for IBM. He received profit from IBM for every MS DOS product made, as IBM did not own the licensing fee and Gates refused to give it to them.
The partnership of Bill Gates and Paul Allen soon ended due to Paul being diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. Their partnership would be seen as one that defined the technology world world-wide. At the age of 31 Bill Gates became billionaire with owning 45% of his stock.
But Bill Gates always had some insecurities. IBM soon to separate from MS DOS with the success of their sales and decided to create their own OS (operating system) which it licensed from Microsoft called Dos 2. OS 2 eventually failed as Gates decided to invest his name and the entire future of Microsoft for advancing the Windows OS, It meant losing IBM as a client and then he came out with Windows 3.
Bill Gates's mother died soon after their marriage cause of breast cancer. Bill Gates because of his mother had on him created philanthropic organizations that fought certain causes of medical and was pursuing the interests his mother had.
Bill Gates changed the way of the world operates, functions, Bill Gates made life easier for all the humans.
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