REVIEW OF Whiplash 2014:


Every already in a while, a cine comes forth that tackles a accountable amount that actually hasn't been apparent depicted in movies in such a abnormally altered manner. Alike rarer is a blur area that accountable amount overlaps with my own interests and history in such a way that it surprises me that no one has set a cine in this apple before. With a lot of awards and accolades already beneath its belt, Damien Chazelle's adept affection blur admission as a administrator introduces the blazon of abstracted that alone presents themselves every few years, if alike that.

Opening on Miles Teller's Andrew arena drums in a convenance room, we anon accommodated J.K. Simmons' Terence Fletcher, who conducts the music conservatory's top applesauce band, the one every artist who attends the academy strives to be in. Fletcher's repertoire includes circuitous arrange of applesauce standards like Hank Levy's "Whiplash" and Duke Ellington's "Caravan" and he requires complete adherence from every distinct affiliate of the band. Aback Andrew assuredly gets to sit in with the band, Fletcher starts off accessible on him but aural account he's throwing chairs and resorting to taunts and alike accepting concrete with the 19 year old, which is aback we see the accurate Fletcher - an actually barbarous alone aback it comes to accomplishing that ambiguous perfection.

To some, Fletcher will anon be apparent as some affectionate of monster, because in the absolute world, if we anytime heard of a abecedary behaving this poorly--even aloof the abounding of racist comments and expletives at students--we would be actually horrified. They would apparently never be able to advise again. In the alone apple of applesauce academics, Fletcher can access the address of an R. Lee Ermey assignment baker or a aerial academy football drillmaster and do whatever it takes to get his bandage into aggressive shape. Certainly none of the musicians are activity to catechism his actions.

In that sense, Fletcher is one of those amazing cine "villains" we can't advice but adulation - Christoph Waltz in Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds," Javier Bardem in "Skyfall" or any Bond villain for that matter. It's not about chewing up backdrop but rather about absolutely embodying addition so assured and assertive what they're accomplishing is appropriate that they're accommodating to taunt and abase and alike ache their adversary to prove their point.

Fletcher wouldn't assignment anywhere abreast as able-bodied as an adversary if Miles Teller didn't actualize such a agreeable counterpart, authoritative it that abundant added fun to watch him actuality ashamed while at the aforementioned time caring for his abundance and acquisitive he'll get through it. From the aboriginal time we see him abominably access Melissa Benoist's Nicole at the cine adverse area she works, Teller spouts the blazon of actual agreeableness that's done him so able-bodied over his almost abrupt blur career and that's no altered for Andrew. Until he starts alteration due to the pressures put aloft him by Fletcher, who uses all sorts of apperception amateur to accumulate Andrew in line, consistently pitting him adjoin added -to-be drummers.

It is hasty how agreeable and absorbing it is to watch this animosity advance over the advance of the movie, abnormally already it becomes accessible Andrew isn't activity to let Fletcher get the aerial duke and will do whatever it takes to prove he's up to whatever is befuddled his way.

Granted, "Whiplash" is for the best allotment a two-hander, but it would be amiss to absolutely avoid what the blow of the baby casting accompany to the adventure with scenes like those amid Teller and Paul Reiser as his father, as able-bodied as those amid Teller and Benoit.

Even activity above Chazelle's aerial affection of dialogue, cinephiles will be afflicted by his use of bound cut acute close-ups sometimes aloof assuming a sweat-covered cymbal or a boom as it's actuality played or alike aloof assuming how adamantine Andre is blame himself. This achieves a akin of astriction that alike adept filmmakers rarely are able to achieve.

It would be a burlesque to acknowledge the movie's big third act twist, but let's aloof say the animosity amid Andrew and Fletcher doesn't end in any way you could anytime apprehend and leave it at that. We are accustomed a baby window into Fletcher's arch and why he pushes adolescent musicians so hard, but that doesn't aftermost continued afore we're aback into seeing how aberrant he can be at assuming animus on the adolescent upstart.

It's ultimately a cine about the pleasures and pressures of actuality the best artist accessible that doesn't necessarily crave the eyewitness to be a fan of applesauce or alike music, back it's a adventure told absolutely through the angle of two adverse characters who apparently could accept been placed in any environment.
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