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                   The best fitness app:

Accept it, 2011 was going to be the year you finally got into form. The belly would be history. You’d be fitter than ever. Consuming healthier, employed out harder, drinking less, and raising more. A new man, although, with January grinding to its slow, grey end, those strong resolutions can start to fade. Restart your battle for fitness with the best fitness app. 


SmartRunner isn’t just for runners. It wrappings 14 sports, from biking to skiing. Its interface is the most user-friendly around, with calorie, hasten, expanse and time data displayed on screen. One time you entire a run you can upload stats to the Smart Runner website, and from there sync it with Twitter and Facebook. The online choices are sparse, with no deeply analysis and no teaching programs, but this is an accurate app for casual users.                                            
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