How to Do Major Ballet Positions

      How to Do Major Ballet Positions

 The first position we are going to talk about is croise devant. Devant means tonduing to the front and your arms are going to be here. You have your left arm up over your head and your right arm expanding out to the front to conceive a rectangle line.

The next position we're going to converse about is efface devant. So you're tonduing to the front afresh and then whichever leg you're standing on is the same arm that's up over your head. Your legs are not traversed, they're open to the audience.

The next place that we're going to discuss is en face devant. You're opposite front to the audience, and again, tondue devant to the front. Your arms are generally held out in second place.

The next place we're going to talk about is a la seconde. You're tonduing out to the edge, arms are in second place opposite front (or en face).

The next place we're going to talk about is ecarte devant.
Ecarte devant i
s an a la seconde position taken on a diagonal. So ecarte devant you're going to the front diagonal, the identical arm as leg is up. You're looking at the forearm.

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