Do you drive??? If yes then do you follow these steps?

Do you drive??? If yes then do you follow these steps?

Safe or defensive driving, as per the National Safety Council, USA, is getting to the destination safety- no traffic fines or tickets, no accidents, no harm, or injury, with no hassle to the others on the road. In other words, it simply means driving responsibly and with common sense.

  Here are some Tips which we have to Follow while driving:

1.       Observe and obey traffic signals and signs all the time. Meanwhile “no rolling stop.  Stop totally at the stop line or when you see a stop sign.
2.       Use turn signals appropriately while turning or changing lanes.
3.       Stay alert and examine the road frequently for hazards.
4.       Check mirrors and cover your blind spots by looking over the shoulder. Always be aware of the blind spots of other vehicle especially the big truck.
5.       Regulate driving speed to road, weather or other conditions.
6.       Keep your vehicle in good condition, keep windscreen, windows and mirrors clean and the tyres properly inflated.
7.       Keep a first-aid kit in the vehicle.
8.       It is the most important thing that you should use seat belts for all occupants of the vehicle. It is much safer for the children and kids to be the rear seat of the vehicle.
9.       Be courteous and do not drive after drinking and aggressively.
10.   Watch for animals and slow moving vehicles. Slow down and cross them when it is safe to do so.
11.   Always wear a helmet while driving a two- wheeler.
12.   After certain age, mental and physical changes like vision changes, strength and flexibility, reaction times, can affect driving. Moreover, have your eyes checked regularly.  Learn the effects of medication on your driving skills and vision.
13.   Give way to emergency vehicle and do not follow them. Move over to the lane away from the emergency vehicles. if you cannot move over, slow down.

At last in short, stop for pedestrian, Be alert for children, Especially around schools,  residential areas.

Written by: Mr. ParasBhanot
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