The Journey of a Leaf

                     The Journey of a Leaf

I born with a blessings of almighty,

In order to enjoy fruits of the nature.

My parent nurture me by providing her
Essence, shelter, food, and sunshine,
She prepare me to stand against odds
Like wind, typhoons, extreme cold.
But she can’t look after me all along,
My mom and my ways is parted by the
Extreme laws of nature, no one can stop it.

The day of separation arrive,
I try hard to be with her,
No one is there to listen my plea,
I am then parted from her,
By a ruthless heartbreaking wind,
Here I fall, is this fate worse than
Death, leaving my ma alone is
An unending absolute pain, I said.

There the new cycle begins,
Resurrection takes place,
I began my new life with spirit,
And I achieved the essence of my
Mother again, thanks to god,

POET : MR. SAGAR GUPTA (9466293694)

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