YOU MUST WATCH THE TRAILER OF "Christmas in the City 2013 "

                          Christmas in the City 2013

Short Summary :With the risk of having to close her father's candy shop, Wendy and her six-year-old female child Grace journey to the large-scale city in likes of making additional holiday cash to save the shop. When she's suggested a job in the plaything department of Wolmans, the city's large-scale department store, Wendy can't hold up! Her exhilaration doesn't last long when the store's manager, Teanna, decimates the Christmas essence throughout the shop and refurbishes Santa with a hunky male underwear pattern enclosed by elfin "babes." What Teanna is ignorant of is that she has in detail brushed aside the authentic Santa. ignorant of his genuine "Santa" grade, Wendy arrives to out to the vintage man but it seems even he has granted up wish. With her feminine child mislaying belief in the vacation, Wendy recognizes she should convey the factual implication of Christmas back to Wolmans before it is too late. 
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