Are we Indians cowards?
Or are we shy?
Or we care somehow
But we don’t want to try.

We have adjusted ourselves
So well to this corrupt peace
Has, it become our tradition?
Or, do we lack the guts to face it?

Corruption helps to set the culprits free.
It blinds the law

Has it become our way of life?
To adjust to whatever it is?
And move on without a break
To rethink, reconstruct and reform our corrupt minds.

Is it that no business runs without it?
Is it that we don’t wanna put an end to it?
Are we not prepared for it?
Or we really don’t care?
Many questions come to my little brain
And almost all are unanswered
Lets all join our hands
To fight against it.
Atleast we can support those
Who stand against it.
And make our country corruption – free
And put a full stop on it.
And put a full stop on it .


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