World War III Twitter Hackers Announced

World War III Twitter Hackers Announced:Programmers assumed control Twitter records of the New York Post and United Press International on Friday, written work sham messages, including about threats breaking out between the United States and China.
World War III Twitter Hackers Announced
World War III Twitter Hackers Announced

One tweet posted under the UPI record cited Pope Francis as saying, "World War III has started."

An alternate message conveyed on the Post account said the USS George Washington, a plane carrying warship, was "occupied with dynamic battle" against Chinese warships in the South China Sea.

The tweets were accordingly erased.

A tweet from the News Corp-possessed Post later noted that "Our Twitter record was quickly hacked and we are researching."

The fake tweets were not pretty much war. One posted on UPI said "Just in: Bank of America CEO calls for smooth: Savings records won't be influenced by central bank choice."

UPI later recognized it was hacked, and said in a dispatch that "six fake features were posted in around 10 minutes."

On Twitter, UPI noted that "World War III has not begun, fortunately."

A few media associations have had their Twitter encourages hacked in the course of recent years including Agence France-Presse and the BBC. Additionally not long from now the Twitter channel for the Pentagon's Central Command was assumed control by a gathering supporting the Islamic State jihadists.

A Pentagon official said the tweet in regards to dangers with China was "not genuine."

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