Windows 9 And their Features

What windows 9 improving in their features, let’s have a look

 Windows 9 will be giving some positive benefits for enterprises world over Windows 8, although there will be few balances and checks that organisations will need to make and particularly in area of security.
We also will see a return of desktop-focused environment, means that Windows 9 will be much like in design to Windows XP and 7 than Win 8.
There are a few APIs marked as deprecated in Windows 8 that we can probably expect to see removed in Windows 9 and replaced altogether. What is unclear at this stage is how much of an impact this will have on application compatibility.

I am in doubt that we will see another XP and Windows 7 migration scenario.

The Windows store will focus to a corporate internal app store.


·        The Start MENU is back in Windows 9 and the start screen is gone at least for desktops. Windows 8 Charms bar is going and that will be replaced with additional window controls in the top right of the screen.
·        In addition, it allows you to accessing multiple desktops will to become easier using Windows 9.
·        Microsoft continues to shows the flat graphical style with metro applications and is aims to maintain the same metro user-interface.
·        There is a new notification bar adding a phone-style list of things that have recently happened on the systems like new messages, hardware insertions, available updates, etc. These will all be of beneficial to enterprises.

·        Microsoft also choose Windows 9 to introduce the cortana personal assistant (Microsoft's version of Apple's) to Windows devices other than Window phones.

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